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Ankabut Resolutions

Not wanting to let go off the wonderful lessons that will pave our way to Jannah, I’m getting the kids to make Ankabut resolutions as part of their Friday Areeza to Imam Mahdi (af). Z’s created the ANKABUT acronym using the Sura, Sh. Jaffer Ladak’s Hujjat Keys to Qadr podcast and referencing the ayaahs. I’ll… Continue reading Ankabut Resolutions

Suratul Qadr Sugar Cookies

As I had to discard the much-loved S.Qadr bunting this year, I promised the kids we’d make S.Qadr cookies using the same concept. I knew we didn’t have time for making, baking and decorating so I chose to go with a chocolate sugar cookie option with a sprinkle of glitter. The recipe was from here… Continue reading Suratul Qadr Sugar Cookies