Holy Qur'an

S.Asr Clock Craft

We were looking the meaning/kids-size tafseer of Suratul Asr.

Then we made a ‘special’ clock, symbolic of Asr – Time

The Battery represented Belief in Allah (Amanu Billah) which keeps everything moving as it should. In the right direction.
We talked about how not having belief in Allah can stop us from moving on, not having someone to ask from thus not receiving special blessings and not being guided.

The seconds’ hand was represented as ‘Doing Good’ (A’milus Swalihaat) – Rushing to do good every second just like the second hand was always rushing and moving

The minutes’ hand was represented as ‘Saying the Truth’ (Watawa Saw Bil Haq) every minute of the day. Saying and supporting what was true. This opened a little discussion on name-calling, teasing , etc

Finally, the hours’ hand, which was slow moving, represented ‘Being Patient’ (Watawa Saw Bis Sabr) – just like the hours’ hand moved slowly and was patient for the others to move, we must be patient too.
Not to interrupt others, not to push, let little kids finish what they were doing, etc. And while we’re waiting, we can do dhikr of Allah which helps with waiting.

This little craft serves as a ‘tick tock’ reminder of S.Asr -an awesome summary of life in a nutshell, so InshA we’re not at a ‘loss’

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