Our Awesome Prophets

A little peek into our Islamic History activity – Our Awesome Prophets #HomeMadressaTjannah
It’s incredible how much kids learn and absorb when there is an object they can touch and even manipulate.
And even better if they’ve had a part in creating that object, which Alhamd, my kids did.

About the Activity:

The cards are colour-coded green for what the Holy Qur’an says about the messengers and yellow for the lessons we learn

1. Know the different Personalities (H.Luqman who according to many was not a Prophet but was given a great station by Allah) sent by Allah
2. Remember the story of the Prophet by the help of an object
3. Link the Quran ayat (I chose one relevant ayat, for some prophets there are several ayaahs in the Holy Qur’an)
4. Link a lesson in the language of the Holy Qur’an.
For my four year old, I expect him to be able to independently achieve objectives 1 & 2. For my six year old, I expect her to be able to complete all four objectives.

*I was a little hesitant about including a the green cards with the longer ayaahs thinking it was a little too much, however, knowing her, she’s a reader. She’s really into reading! She will read E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. Even the smallest text and disclaimers. And I really want to seize this opportunity and get her to read the Holy Qur’an in English as much as possible.

4. Object or a piece of craft that represents something from that messenger’s life in the
of the Holy Quran

Here is how I expect the activity to be completed:

Zooming in – Prophets in Chronological Order: Prophet Adam (pbuh)

Apple tree made of toilet paper roll for the bark and green cut out for the branches

Prophet Idrees (pbuh)

Object: A little piece of fabric with buttons sewed on by the kids and a tape measure to show he taught people the art of sewing and measuring

Prophet Nuh (pbuh)

Object: A little make-yourself wooden ship painted with some animal stickers

Prophet Saleh (pbuh)

Object: A camel made out of egg cartons and wooden pegs, representing the she-camel. We seem to have lost the tail.

Prophet Ibrahim (pbuh)
A plastic sheep, widely available as part of farm animals packs in toy shops

Prophet Yusuf (pbuh)
A well made out of toilet paper roll, painted and bricks drawn on

Prophet Musa (pbuh)

Object: A craft showing the split sea. Take a little card for the base. Measure a piece of blue construction paper to the size of the card. Cut the paper into half, make slits and curl up the slits using the scissor blade. Stick it on and decorate.

Prophet Yunus (pbuh)
A plastic whale, widely available at toy shops.

Hazrat Luqman (pbuh)

Object: Plastic donkey, widely found in farm animals packs from toy stores. H. Luqman has not been mentioned as a prophet, however, he was a man of great wisdom and there are some excellent lessons that can be derived from his life.

Prophet Sulayman (pbuh)
A crown made out of a section of a toilet paper roll, painted and decorated. Perhaps a more appropriate ayat for the lesson would be:

Say: “O Allah! Lord of Power (and the Ruler) He gives Power to whom Thou pleases’ but the ayat I have included was from the Dua for Mean words, hence it is more familiar.

Prophet Isa (pbuh) – upload image

Prophet Muhammed (SAWW)
A star made out of craft sticks to show that he was *excellent* in every way!

More crafts related to the Prophets we did a couple of years ago can be found here

Download the activity:

1. Colour-coded flashcards

This template is arranged to make it easier to print the three sets of cards on different coloured pagesor

2. Non-colour-coded flashcards

This template is arranged as: Prophet, Quran Ayaah and Lesson for each Prophet for each individual personality

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