Ramadhan Calendar for a Mummy

As I started putting things together – The S.Ramadhan Calendar and table, my daughter asked me, ‘Will you be doing the calendar thing too mummy?’

I could hear myself conjuring up a response in my head. ‘Of course I will be trying be on my best behavior and do as much as I can with you two….’ I wanted to say.

Then I thought for a moment and said, ‘Know what? I’m going to do a special mummy calendar where I’m going to remind myself to be 100x nicer to you two and papa’.
‘It might take me a few days to make one up, but I promise to do it soon’, I added.

So I got down to making my very own Ramadhan Calendar with one of my personal goal – To enhance my relationship with the people closest to me.

I ruminated whether to share this post or not. But I clearly remember the hazy days when both of my kids were little and how I would’ve been so grateful for someone to provide me with a fresher look on things so I’d feel inspired and encouraged to do more….

The ‘more’ here is a variable. It’s very unique. ‘The more’ that you can do. Whether it’s current actions performed with a refreshed zeal or new ideas added to take things up a notch.

It’s not meant to overwhelm anyone. But just offer inspiration, so in our own ways, with the situations Allah SWT has blessed us with, we can continue to strive to make the most of this month inshA

The calendar is not all about them . I’ve found places to squeeze in some things just for me – for only when I have something in my own cup, can I re-fill theirs.

So here are some short random reminders to help me be the mummy Allah may be pleased with inshA.

As requested, here is a printable version. Iltimase Dua InshA!

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