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S.Ankabut, S.Rum, S.Dukhan Activities

Here is a synopsis activity of the three suwer – S.Ankaboot, S.Rum and S.Dhukan, I did with 5-7 year old at the workshop.

You can download the printable sheets here

You can be more creative with illustrating, but this is what we came up with and the materials required

S. Ankaboot (29)

We made a spider and it’s web on the printable

Materials Used:

– Black cardstock for spider body and head
– Pipecleaners
– Googly eyes
– White thin strips of paper for the webbing- 3-5 long strips to make the main web shaft and shorter strips for filling the web (shredded paper will work nicely)- Construction paper for backing

– Scissors
– Glue stick

Cut out a web outline on the sheet and attach it as such from the back of the page

S. Rum (30)

An illustration of Romans for colouring
You’ll only require crayons for this and construction paper for backing (optional)

S. Dukhan (44)

Textured painting (on pieces of kitchen paper) to make it look like smoke

Materials required:

– Kitchen paper 1 piece
– Black or grey water paint
– Gluestick
– Construction paper for backing

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