Holy Qur'an · Laylatul Qadr · S.Ramadhan

S. Ankabut Craft

The templates on S.Ankabut were a little basic for my six year old so we did a little more on this wonderful sura.

Inspired from QFatima’s tafseer: http://www.qfatima.com/index.php/q-114-home/understanding-of-each-sura/88-suwer-chart-articles/452-suratul-ankabut-029

We used a spider’s eight legs to illustrate eight Lessons from the sura. 

InshA this will be added (after legs are folded as we make fan and stuck onto a card as a pop-up) into her growing pop-up Quran previously featuring S.Ahzaab star S.Maryam tree and S.Asr clock. 

The eight lessons we discussed were:
1. Allah tests us in various ways. We talked about His names Ya Qaabidhu (The Constricter) and Ya Mutaali (The Expander), names we see weekly through our Asmaul Husna Daily Peg Magnets (http://tjannah.com/asmaul-husna/asmaul-husna-daily-peg-magnets-advanced/) and talked about how Allah makes a butterfly struggle out of the cocoon so it can be free and fly. 
A nice clip to go with that: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=cB0LpJxHx7o

2. Even Prophets pbut were tested. Talked about some Prophets and how they were tested. 

3. Allah loves those who strive hard and He guides them (29:69). This led on nicely from #2 esp with the story of the frog (lizard in some texts) who kept bringing water to put out the fire for P.Ibrahim (pbuh) and how it was striving to do ITS best! 

4. Travel to learn new things and appreciate Allah’s creation and our own comforts and blessings 

5. Be good towards Parents

6. Be kind and try to see common things with people of different religions (I’d love to get her to explore more on this InshA)

7. The importance of Salaah, Recitation of H.Quran and remembrance of Allah

8. Lastly and the core of the sura – relying only on a Powerful God like Allah 

InshA hoping that as she knows that a spider has eight legs, she’ll at least be able to remember that we can derive 8 life lessons from S.Ankabut. 
Even if she forgets in the future what these lessons are, this activity may just inspire her to open the Holy Qur’an and seek guidance InshA. 

Iltimase Dua

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