Laylatul Qadr · S.Ramadhan

Laylatul Qadr Amaal Lapbook

We’re getting ready for Laylatul Qadr. Here is a lapbook that I made for my kids, the link below contains the templates.

If you find it useful, an earnest request to make a special dua for those suffering around the world

The Lapbook has 10 sections for big kids and 7 sections for the little ones:
1. Istaghfar Chart (adapted from Islam From the Start)
2. Qur’an Amaal (Quran on Head Amaal – Heart and stars shape cut out) New Added Upon Request!!

3. Mini Suwer (Surahs) book
4. Dua Makarimul Akhlaq excerpts
5. My Goals and Aspirations shutter book
6. Suratul Qadr flower
7. How to ask for Hajaats Wheel
8. My Hajaat Pocket
9. Special Hajaats – flag tabs of some of the countries where people are suffering
10. A secret mantra that lets us be amongst all Prophets on the day of Judgement (Shia ref)

I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend that you ‘make’ one with your kids, it’s more special that way, and kids feel more involved, their creativity and imagination is unleashed! You’ll come up with a better version of the original idea!

But templates are very convenient and I understand why busy mums need them, so you can download them here

Here are the templates for Big and Young Kids with all the instructions – in here there is an addition of one more section – Qur’an Amaal on Head, as requested by many of you.

Iltimase Dua

(Uses US paper size measurements, for other countries the folds may be slightly skewiff)

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