Shahr Ramadhan Cookies and Reflections

Discussing the importance of good deeds at the start of this month and how fasting (with our bodies) makes us more mindful, we discussed this Ayaah:

And surely, good deeds take away bad deeds…” (11:114)

Then my daughter started giving the analogy of permanent marker and dry erase marker to good deeds and bad deeds respectively. And so the idea of this new bedtime routine of reflecting and accounting for our deeds.

The good deeds are written in permanent marker where the not-so-good deeds are noted in dry-erase, hence can be erased with each new good, as per the Ayaah (11:114)

To really bring home this concept, we made boy & girl shaped cookies with a message and the ‘Fasting body pledge’ to share with friends at masjid.

Now hoping that they’ve shared this concept, they’ll be more motivated to be more conscious of ‘fasting with their bodies’ and feel responsible to regularly account for their deeds before bed.

Some years back, we’d done some experiments to illustrate the above Ayaah, these can be found here
My Fasting Body Pledge template can be printed from here

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