Holy Qur'an · S.Ramadhan

An Attitude of Gratitude

One of the themes that emerge from all the Suras of Juz Amma that we’ve done so far (all can be found here: #SRamadhanTJannah is gratitude to Allah for his abundant blessings! 
So many that wherever we look – from right under our noses to high up in the sky, we are indebted to Him! 

If your kiddos are fasting then this visual demo will help transform their ‘grunts and grumbles of fasting’ as opportunities to be grateful instead InshA! Time to build some resilience 🙂

This is a fun visual demo of the proverbial phrase – ‘life throws lemons then make lemonade’ – but it also InshA helps demonstrate how our hard long fasts can be made a little bearable by reminding us our sweet blessings

Lemons are not pleasant e.g. the difficult things about fasting
But Sugar is very yummy just like all the sweet blessings our fasts remind us of
Ice – our patience and perseverance 
Water serves as our faith in Allah! 

Now get them to turn the juice of sour lemons to a refreshing drink of lemonade with sugar (thankfulness) and ice (patience)

See it IS possible to turn something unpleasant to pleasant with the Attitude of Gratitude! 

And what does Allah SWT say about those who are grateful? 

ۖ وَإِن تَشْكُرُوا يَرْضَهُ لَكُمْ:

If you are thankful, He (Allah) likes it in you

Sura Az Zumar : 7

We used coloured paper, yellow cupcake liners, square sponge for painting ice cubes, sugar and straw.

Download a printable version here although it is more fun to make your own version so give it a try!

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