Thoughtful S. Ramadhan Gifts (Candy Puns)

Here are some thoughtful Ramadhan Candy/Chocolate/Sweets puns we’ve created for teachers, families and friends

  1. For the Awesome Teachers
    Zgirl and I had so much fun coming up this! Everyday treats with a special message and all the hilarious pun 
    We’ve done longer versions too but forgot to take pics  the fun really is in running your imagination wild 

2. More for the Teachers

OUD’ooni Moments 

This year like all years, my kids’ teachers at the mosque have been more than awesome! I’m forever indebted to them for the incredible difference they make! 
The kids were taught Prophetic Duas, so we thought we’d give them this with a message saying: 

“Thank you so much for teaching me awesome Prophetic Duas and helping me to increase and enrich my OUD’ooni (2:186) Moments” 😉

The The World Federation of KSIMC Ramadhan Relief Raffle is just the perfect finishing touch needed to transform any gift to an eternal one InshA with a little perky chance of winning something too 

The Oud bath bombs and wax melts from Scents of Paradise smell absolutely enchanting! Eid is just not complete without their products 

3. Thoughtful Gifts for Friends (Boys)

4. Thoughtful Gift for Friends (Girls)

5. Thoughtful Gift for Non-Muslim Teachers, Brothers and Sisters

Kids will be taking these date boxes for their teachers today 
We included a box of Starburst sweets keeping in line with ‘Sweet Ramadhan’ and a short fun message 

The message is kept short as I’ve only recently done a session on S.Ramadhan and Eid consisting of: story and rhyme time, showing them Ramadhan pictures around the, talking about dates and decorating take-home charity boxes with a saying of our H.P SAWW

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