Holy Qur'an · S.Ramadhan

30 Days With Juz Amma – Ramadan Calendar

As requested here is the S.Ramadhan Wall and the Juz Amma each sura one key ayat inserts for the calendar.

I had done an overview calendar (the monthly view format) but have been changing it after the awesome talks by Ummi Aunty of QFatima

The wall is a way to encourage them to engage with each Sura each day. I have chosen a fairly easy ayat to interpret from each Sura from which we can derive a very simple action to implement. E.g. Ayat about the honour of H.Prophet (SAWW) we’ve linked it to orphans and charity.

Where possible, activities and visual demos will be done to enhance their learning inshA. See S. Naba

The wall has little solar bulbs in which we place the insert after reading and trying to understand the Sura. I’ve told them that as Allah SWT promised, the moon has made its appearance, the stars are twinkling brightly in the night sky and thus the best month has arrived. Everything in nature is doing it’s part, are we doing our part by trying to understand the H.Qur’an in this month as Allah has asked us to?

The Sun, Moon and Stars are brightening up as they’re supposed to, will our recitation and understanding and memorisation also brighten up this month?

Download the Calendar Insert for 28 Days from S.Naba to S. Maoon

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