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This Ramadhan I Must Remember Allah is…

Shahr Ramadhan is around the cornerthere is so much I have to prepare. I need to stock the fridge, freezer and the pantry. No wait. Perhaps I need to prepare myself for Ramadhan with kids and remember how I can call upon His Beautiful names to seek His help!

قُلِ ادْعُوا اللَّهَ أَوِ ادْعُوا الرَّحْمَٰنَ ۖ أَيًّا مَّا تَدْعُوا فَلَهُ الْأَسْمَاءُ الْحُسْنَىٰ ۚ

Say: Call Upon Allah or call upon the Most Merciful. Whichever (name) you call – to Him belong the Most Beautiful Names

(S. Isra 17 : 110)

Note to myself….

This Ramadhan I must Remember, Allah is….

When I get down into Sajda and the kids giddy up on me, I must remember:
Allah is Al-Haleem (The Forbearing).
Maybe it’s more about building perseverence than just performing prostrations

When my energy levels run dry and the kids push all the buttons, I must remember:
Allah is ArRahman (The Merciful).
Maybe it’s more about showing compassion than preaching independence.

When I’m about to break the long fast, and little summons of ‘wash me!’ rise from the bathroom, I must remember: Allah is Al Kareem (The Most Generous).
Maybe, He’s giving away a tiny little piece of Jannah in exchange for a morsel of food

When I can finally sit peacefully on my prayer mat at night to connect with Him but they won’t go to sleep, I must remember:
Allah is Al-Qadir (The Omnipotent).
Maybe He only wants to see my one hand raised in prayer while the other rocks His little creature to sleep.

When at the parking lot, after a hectic food shop, they won’t sit and buckle up, I must remember:
Allah is Al-Baseet (The Expander).
Maybe He’s advancing me to the next level of fasting, which is much more than refraining from just food and drink.

When I want to shut down, do nothing because I’m exhausted, hungry and thirsty but all they want to do is play, I must remember:
Allah is Al-Mu’id (The restorer).
Maybe He wants to restore my energy, through being a mummy and giving happiness to little ones.

When feeling thirsty, the kids insist on going to the park on a hot sunny day, I must remember:
Allah is Al-Ghafur (The forgiving).
Maybe He will forgive more sins for cheering climbs and pushing swing seats.

When all the mess and untidiness makes me want to explode, I must remember:
Allah is As-Sabur (The Patient one).
Maybe, I need to count the times I have messed up, yet He is still willing to forgive.

When all my efforts and hard work go unnoticed with loved ones, I must remember:
Allah is Al- Wahhab (The Bestower).
Maybe I need to feel ashamed for His continuous and countless blessings, despite being so ungrateful.

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