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Whole Short Sura Emojis

Now that my kids are spending xxxx hours on screens, I thought I’d make it more productive!
So I have been challenging them to find emojis to illustrate some of the short suras.

This is a great activity as it’ll make them really think of the translation and a way for them to illustrate this the best way they can!

Don’t forget to ask them to explain it to you, as everyone interprets the emojis a little differently. On the back of that if you have any better suggestions please comment below and pls send us with you guys come up with!! 🙂

Here’s my little guide for S.Fatiha, Qadr, Ikhlas, Asr, Falaq and Naas which also pairs up beautifully with the Word by word Sura flash cards I made years back. You’ll find it in folder in the above link.

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