Peekaboo Prophets Duas

So after being glued to the screen watching Zaky and Friends or the Prophet’s animated series on YouTube – I have compiled a list here of what we’ve watched – we’re following them with some Peekaboo crafts and learning the Duas.
Not to forget nap and bedtimes are filled with stories from the superb Kisa Kids board books.

There are lots of Prophet Crafts around and we’ve done quite a few years back when older Z’s were younger. Since little Z is into ‘peekaboo’s’ I thought it’d be nice to emphasise Duas said by these Prophets through a ‘praying figure’ hidden behind a flap.

You’ll need to print these pages on separate sheets of paper, cut out the flap out (don’t cut out all of the flap, see pictures or fold on dotted lines and cut the continuous line to make it a flap) and stick the two pages together. The images should align nicely so when the flap is lifted to see that Praying Prophet(s) hiding underneath.

The emphasis here is that the Prophets made Dua, which hopefully will be a concept they also remember InshA!

Use anything you’ve got at home or your little one is interested in to decorate the craft – craft tissue, water paint, colour in with crayons, etc.

P. Yunus

P. Ibrahim (Fire)

P. Ibrahim & Ismail

P. Nuh (coming soon!)

P. Isa (coming soon!)

P. Muhammed (coming soon!)

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