Asmaul Husna · S.Ramadhan

Boredom Buster

As you can imagine, everything is boring! But apparently playing with balloons isn’t! Hooray Alhamd!

So I’ve labeled their balloons as ‘Asmaul Husna’, ‘114 Suwer’ and ‘Prophets in Islam’ so now we can all play balloon keepie uppies by saying the different Asmaul Husna, Suwer names, names of Prophets.

You can use any Islamic categories, names of Masumeen, maybe even challenge them to saying the words of shirt suras one by one. Just give it an Islamic twist! The whole family can join in, I must admit, I enjoy it as much as they do!!

Vary the challenge e.g. blow the balloons smaller so they have to be quicker to get to it, stuff the balloons with confetti to make more noise, use a racket or bat, play indoors or outdoors (If not too windy)….

Have fun and let us know what categories and variations you come up with!!!

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