Laylatul Qadr · S.Ramadhan

Laylatul Qadr Timetable

Last year I found it really useful to make a timetable for us to follow. It was not only efficient but also gave my kids the ability to self-direct, leaving me with a little more quality time.

Here is an example of what I have prepared for them this year.

I’ve always found it most effective to do the amaals by ourselves at home, so we can pause where we need to, listen again if we’ve missed something and spend that extra minute finishing our Hajaats.
Don’t rush through the amaals and Duas, take your time so you get the most out of it
Remember this night is all about you and Allah, so take charge of your own worship.

This year I’ve included time for this beautiful meditation for kids that we find very useful. Liken the Nur to the Nur of the holy Qur’an that needs to encompass us on these holy nights and make us feel happy.

3 thoughts on “Laylatul Qadr Timetable

    1. AS. Of course sister please don’t ask abd if you require any more info please let me know. Thank you for your wonderful words, InshA may the Almighty guide us and be pleased with us. JazakA khayran


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