Holy Qur'an · Laylatul Qadr · S.Ramadhan

Suratul Qadr Sugar Cookies

As I had to discard the much-loved S.Qadr bunting this year, I promised the kids we’d make S.Qadr cookies using the same concept.

I knew we didn’t have time for making, baking and decorating so I chose to go with a chocolate sugar cookie option with a sprinkle of glitter. The recipe was from here

And they turned out amazing! Reinforcing the Sura and it’s importance on this holy night.

The cookie cutters are ones that you get as part of the 100 Wilton cookie cutter set but you can to invent your own! Look into play dough sets or even cut out your own shapes.

We used:
Ayah 1. Star – Laylatul Qadr – Night of Qadr
Ayah 2. Question mark – the question Allah is asking
Ayah 3. 1000 – this night is better than a thousand months
Ayah 4. –Angel cookie cutter (Malaika and Ruh)
– a bell represents Allah’s permission to the angels (I love how kids can be so imaginative!)
– a hand to symbolize Salaam (peace)
And finally
Sun for Fajr

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