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Imam Ali (as)’s Will

I tried to get them to read the letter of I.Ali (as) to his son I.Hassan (as) but I’m not sure how much they’ve actually read and comprehended. With energy levels quite low, I thought this would be an easy way to take heed of this precious and timeless advice. This will be best completed… Continue reading Imam Ali (as)’s Will

Ahlul Bayt

Imam Hassan (as)

Imam Hassan (as) was a very clever Imam. Together with having excellent manners and being a very polite and generous human being, he was very very clever. And why wouldn't he have been? He grew up in the best ofhouseholds, his grandfather was our Holy Prophet SAWW, his mother B.Faatima (sa) and his father I.Ali (as) This… Continue reading Imam Hassan (as)

Ahlul Bayt

Connecting With I.Mahdi AF – Kid-Friendly Areezas

A few years back, in 2013, we started writing Areezahs to I.Mahdi (atf) every Friday or even Thursday evenings. Alhamd, of all the things that I do with the kids, this has been something we've most regularly kept doing. At first, our Areezhas were just sticking stickers, as they couldn't write. We'd tell him a… Continue reading Connecting With I.Mahdi AF – Kid-Friendly Areezas