Caterpillar to Butterfly Duas

We talked about how Duas can be crawling caterpillar duas - slow to move and how we can transform our caterpillars into a fluttering butterfly with wings, so it reaches Allah faster. So here is a magical transformation of Caterpillar to Butterfly Duas! The body of the caterpillar is the body of the Dua- however… Continue reading Caterpillar to Butterfly Duas

Dua · S.Ramadhan

S. Ramadhan Date Balls Kit

I’m going to stop with these jars I promise We’ve kind of missed the date-giving window and as everyone’s giving dates, thought we’d do these Date Balls Kits that way they can make anytime!Included is also a Dua for each step of the Recipe too!! Here is a template to download and print Contents:Pitted datesCooking chocSkewer sticks Hundreds &… Continue reading S. Ramadhan Date Balls Kit

Dua · Laylatul Qadr · S.Ramadhan

Munajat of I.Ali (as) – A String Telephone

A simple string telephone helped understand that Munajat is a 'whisper' Dua to Allah SWT, learn some attributes of Allah SWT and contrast them to our own shortcomings.  You can use the printable from Munajat of I.Ali (as) the Arabic words can be colored in and cut out.Use one cup for Allah's attributes and the… Continue reading Munajat of I.Ali (as) – A String Telephone

Dua · Laylatul Qadr · S.Ramadhan

Dua Allahumma Rabba Shahri Ramadhan

We have been memorizing the dua - Allahumma Rabba Shahri Ramadhan again this year. But this time, I want to instill the habit of learning and knowing the dua translation too. To do this, we've been, learning and using the key words like Rabb, Shahr, Anzalta, etc more frequently I also made an activity sheet… Continue reading Dua Allahumma Rabba Shahri Ramadhan