Peekaboo Prophets Duas

So after being glued to the screen watching Zaky and Friends or the Prophet's animated series on YouTube - I have compiled a list here of what we've watched - we're following them with some Peekaboo crafts and learning the Duas. Not to forget nap and bedtimes are filled with stories from the superb Kisa… Continue reading Peekaboo Prophets Duas


Who Was Jesus? – P.Isa

Love it when I can quote lots of Quranic ayahs to tell a story. And what a beautiful story (an attempted poem in this case but hey!) to share with kids at this time of the year! Who was Prophet Jesus?He is not Santa Claus, he is not an elf. We believe he's not a… Continue reading Who Was Jesus? – P.Isa

Asmaul Husna · Prophets

Alalh is Al Azeez – Story of P. Musa

So we were discussing at the story of P.Musa (as), which helped us to arrive at the meaning of Allah is Al-Azeez just as the Holy Qur'an mentions in the ayaahs below. We have used these ayaahs before in our Awesome Prophets Activity. Allah said:Strike the sea with your stick. And it will split in… Continue reading Alalh is Al Azeez – Story of P. Musa