Personalised Qur’an Journals

So as we enter the holy month of Ramadhan, I’ve made these printable personalised Qur’an Journals for my older two. They are easier as we can add as many pages as we need. Also, as our Qur’an does not have enough space, these would be perfect for them to write down their fav ayaahs and… Continue reading Personalised Qur’an Journals


Toddler Visual Ramadhan Calendar

Here is a Toddler's S.Ramadhan Calendar with simple visual and words. It is based around the theme 'Allah Loves' with three colour-coded categories, with an ayat linked to each category - Allah Loves Those Who Do Good Deeds, Allah Loves Those Who Love P.Mohammed SAWW and Allah Loves Those Who Are Clean The daily activity… Continue reading Toddler Visual Ramadhan Calendar

A Mother's Whisperings · Asmaul Husna · S.Ramadhan

This Ramadhan I Must Remember Allah is…

Shahr Ramadhan is around the corner, there is so much I have to prepare. I need to stock the fridge, freezer and the pantry. No wait. Perhaps I need to prepare myself for Ramadhan with kids and remember how I can call upon His Beautiful names to seek His help! قُلِ ادْعُوا اللَّهَ أَوِ ادْعُوا الرَّحْمَٰنَ… Continue reading This Ramadhan I Must Remember Allah is…

Holy Qur'an · S.Ramadhan

S. Ankabut – 8 Lessons

The templates on S.Ankabut were a little basic for my six year old so we did a little more on this wonderful sura. Inspired from QFatima's tafseer: http://www.qfatima.com/index.php/q-114-home/understanding-of-each-sura/88-suwer-chart-articles/452-suratul-ankabut-029 We used a spider's eight legs to illustrate eight Lessons from the sura.  InshA this will be added into her growing pop-up Quran previously featuring S.Ahzaab star S.Maryam… Continue reading S. Ankabut – 8 Lessons

A Mother's Whisperings · Laylatul Qadr · S.Ramadhan

Ya Rabb! Accept A Mother’s Petty Excuses On These Holy Nights

The nights of Grandeur are upon us and yet again I feel unprepared, even though I've had a whole year to prepare. I ask myself - How will I make my perfect pitch when I hardly have anything to present? I feel gutted. Why didn't I spend enough time accumulating worthy good deeds and refining my character… Continue reading Ya Rabb! Accept A Mother’s Petty Excuses On These Holy Nights

Holy Qur'an · S.Ramadhan

Word by Word Sura Flash Cards

Alhamd, after breaking down our goals for this S.Ramadhan into 4 easy-to-follow steps Memorize, Read & Listen, Understand the Meaning and Apply by doing Good Deeds (a self-directed activity), I am really excited to share these word-by-word Sura Flashcards. I've found these to be very versatile and below are a few suggestions. Use them to learn… Continue reading Word by Word Sura Flash Cards

Holy Qur'an · S.Ramadhan

30 Days With Juz Amma – Ramadan Calendar

As requested here is the S.Ramadhan Wall and the Juz Amma each sura one key ayat inserts for the calendar. I had done an overview calendar (the monthly view format) but have been changing it after the awesome talks by Ummi Aunty of QFatima The wall is a way to encourage them to engage with each… Continue reading 30 Days With Juz Amma – Ramadan Calendar


Thoughtful S. Ramadhan Gifts (Candy Puns)

Here are some thoughtful Ramadhan Candy/Chocolate/Sweets puns we've created for teachers, families and friends For the Awesome TeachersZgirl and I had so much fun coming up this! Everyday treats with a special message and all the hilarious pun  We’ve done longer versions too but forgot to take pics  the fun really is in running your… Continue reading Thoughtful S. Ramadhan Gifts (Candy Puns)