Shahr Ramadhan Light Up Jars

I'm super-excited about these Ramadhan Light up Jars to put under their beds tonight Just some of their fav things linked to the Holy month to make it even more Special inshA! Want one for me now The contents of the jar as follows:Note Pad - To note down daily the things your Sawm made you… Continue reading Shahr Ramadhan Light Up Jars

Dua · S.Ramadhan

S. Ramadhan Date Balls Kit

I’m going to stop with these jars I promise We’ve kind of missed the date-giving window and as everyone’s giving dates, thought we’d do these Date Balls Kits that way they can make anytime!Included is also a Dua for each step of the Recipe too!! Here is a template to download and print Contents:Pitted datesCooking chocSkewer sticks Hundreds &… Continue reading S. Ramadhan Date Balls Kit