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S. Dukhan Matching Activity

And lastly, S.Dukhan Ayaats matching worksheet, 13-14 Ayaats with an illustration and Ayah.  Instruction: Cut out the Illustration and Ayah bit separately and ask them to match the pictures to the Ayah.  To make it more challenging and engaging, ask them to find the ayah number in the Sura  I’ve used translation by Shakir Download it… Continue reading S. Dukhan Matching Activity

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Dua Allahumma Rabba Shahri Ramadhan

We have been memorizing the dua - Allahumma Rabba Shahri Ramadhan again this year. But this time, I want to instill the habit of learning and knowing the dua translation too. To do this, we've been, learning and using the key words like Rabb, Shahr, Anzalta, etc more frequently I also made an activity sheet… Continue reading Dua Allahumma Rabba Shahri Ramadhan